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Little Brands, Big Prize!

May 18, 2024

Little Brands, Big Prize!

What's the Buzz? Until Father's Day (June 16th, 2024), Red Cap Hot Sauce Co will be spreading the love by donating a ...
Food for Thought: Not all heroes wear capes

Oct 8, 2023

Food for Thought: Not all heroes wear capes

Picture this: a bunch of food superheroes swooping in to save the day, rescuing perfectly good food that would otherwise go to waste. They work with grocery stores, restaurants, and food producers to collect surplus food and distribute it to local agencies. It's like a food rescue mission, and they're the heroes we need. From Canadian Thanksgiving through to the end of the year, Red Cap Hot Sauce Co will be donating a meal to a person in need for each bottle sold of our locally famous Peppa Sauce, through a partnership with Second Harvest.

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